How NXTGEN Benefits the Presbytery

NXTGEN Pastors provides pastoral development, health, and sustainability by enabling presbyteries to equip pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders for the next generation.

While finding men to fill pulpits through a national search often proves fruitful, there are times when church planters, solo, and assistant/associate pastors are best suited coming from the local environment.

One who knows the local culture and is trained where they will serve is advantageous for ministry.

NXTGEN enhances a presbytery’s mission through a unified effort to fulfill the Great Commission. This is a means for the elders of a presbytery to leave a legacy as they imprint the next generation of pastors.

NXTGEN assists presbyteries in their mission. By working together to equip young pastors for future ministry, presbyteries are able to take greater ownership of their own mission to reach their region.