Commitment to
the Gospel

NXTGEN is committed to the proclamation of the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection, as the means to transform the life of the pastor and of the people.

To that end, we seek to apply the gospel to ourselves first, so that we see ourselves accurately and believe the ultimate answer to our problems lies in the work of Christ alone.

Commitment to Scholarship

NXTGEN is committed to sound scholarship, believing that the calling to the Gospel Ministry is one of knowing God’s Word and God’s World. This necessitates that pastoral training seek excellence in what is taught, learned and applied.

To that end we partner with trusted institutions and ministries that provide this foundation. At this time, we are working with Reformed Theological Seminary and LAMP to provide this training.

Commitment to Shepherding

NXTGEN is committed to pastoral care of God’s people and seeking those who are His. Being committed to the Gospel and to Scholarship is a vital base, but without a commitment to soul care, life transformation will not be real or lasting. Pastors must know how to love and nurture those in their care.

To that end we form ministry cohorts to provide the time and space on a regular basis for self-examination and a pattern of engagement in a community.

Commitment to Community

NXTGEN is committed to forging a brotherly bond among those who will labor together in the Lord’s Vineyard. Far too often, pastoral ministry is done in isolation, leading to unchecked sin patterns and the privatization of ministry. Pastors must develop a collegiality in service before being ordained to oversight of others.

To that end our ministry cohorts provide a fraternity of men who desire to learn, grow and serve together across varied boundaries.